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October 2014
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You knew it was coming and now it's here!  It's our turbo-charged Guild Wars 2 bonus episode!  We've fired up the time circuits and we're running on 1.2 gigawatts of pure fandom.

But we can't pump out all this juice with just a Mr. Fusion.  To get this episode up to 88 miles an hour, we've more than doubled the cast! (NOTE: Dave's been watching the Back to the Future trilogy on continuous loop for about three days.  Just go with it.) Ben, James, and Dave are joined this week by the soft-spoken Jason Brooks, the veteran Amanda Stanton, the noob Lila Haile, and the all-knowing Brendan Hutt.

A quick set of links for those with an interest.  The Guild Wars 2 lore videos by Wooden Potatoes can be found here, and the mesmer guides by MrPromethius0110 can be found here.

Where we're going we don't need roads.


Dokuta Wairi, Rival to the Light by Sixto Sounds

Grim Reaper by Memblers

Pirate Shout by Derek Meler, Eric Griffin, Marcus Affeldt, and audio fidelity

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